ScaleFlux CSP 3000 tagline​: -High-efficiency offload for compression​ -Flexible platform for customized compute functions
SFX 3000 Storage Processor​
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NSD 3000 NVMe SSDs
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CSD 3000 NVMe Computational Storage Drives​
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CSP 3000

ScaleFlux CSP 3000 

Computational Storage Processor​

The CSP 3000 series of Computational Storage Processors provide a platform for distributing and parallelizing compute functions.  ​

The CSP 3000 decouples the acceleration and offload functions from the storage device, enabling users to deploy it with any drives (not just ScaleFlux drives).​

CSP 3000 users get an accelerator with built-in hardware compute engines (HCE) and programable cores to help them efficiently scale system performance.  ​

HCEs are great for handling fixed-algorithm tasks, such as compression, which can consume a massive amount of general-purpose CPU cycles (and system power!).  With purpose-built HCEs, these tasks are handled faster while consuming orders of magnitude less power.​

Going beyond the fixed functions of HCEs, the CSP 3000 can help in performing data preparation functions, such as filtering, via its programable Arm® cores.​

CSP 3000 will support standard APIs and comply with the emerging standards from the Computational Storage working groups in the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and


Hardware Compute Engines

  • Compression/Decompression​

  • Encryption/Decryption​

  • Hashing​

  • Pattern Matching

Programmable Resources

  • 8 Arm® Cortex® Cores​

  • Up to 16GB of DRAM


Worldwide Distributor Availability

ScaleFlux products can be conveniently ordered from our Value Added Reseller or Distributor partners and are qualified on an ever-growing list of OEM systems. Contact us for more details.


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