ScaleFlux CSD 3000: Multiply the value of your NVMe storage​, 4x Data Storage / GB​, 2x Performance (mixed R/W, RW)​, 2x Endurance​, User-defined functions.
SFX 3000 Storage Processor​
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NSD 3000 NVMe SSDs
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CSD 3000 NVMe Computational Storage Drives​
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CSD 3000

ScaleFlux CSD 3000 

NVMe Computational Storage Drive

The CSD 3000 series of Computational Storage Drives helps you multiply the efficiency of your infrastructure – increasing storage density & compute performance while lowering the costs of data storage and of getting work done.   

The CSD 3000 combines the features of a high-performance NVMe SSD with both Hardware Compute Engines and a Programable core to provide a flexible, easy-to-use Computational Storage Drive solution.

  • High-performance Enterprise & Data Center NVMe SSD​

    • NVMe 1.4 & OCP NVMe Cloud SSD Spec compliant​

    • Standard Form Factors: U.2, U.3, E1.x, HHHL Add-in Card​

    • X8 PCIe Gen 4 host interface supports 1x1 to 1x8 single-port and 2x2 dual-port configurations​

    • TLC & QLC NAND​

    • Up to 64TB Physical Capacity​

    • Configurable Overprovisioning​

    • TCG Opal 2.0​

    • Power Loss Data Protection​

    • Atomic Writes​

    • >=2.5M hr MTBF​

  • Plus computational storage functions…​

    • Transparent, “Penalty-Free” compression​

      • Multiplies drive Endurance, Performance, and Data Storage Capacity ​

      • Orders of magnitude better power & cost efficiency than compressing in CPU cores​

    • Up to 256TB of Data Storage via  the Capacity Multiplier feature​

    • Programmable cores to add user-defined functions​

Multiply Compression Efficiency​

Test Set Up:​

  • Test server CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2667 v4 @ 3.20GHz​

  • Measured compression throughput for 1 core with various compression algorithms​

  • Source data was the Corpus Canterbury files for all runs​

  • Graph metric is “how many cores are needed to achieve the compression throughput of 1 CSD”​


Multiply Application Performance​

Test Set Up:​

  • Test server CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R Gold 6126
  • FIO Mixed Random Read/Write IOPs at 512 QD, 4KB IO size, sustained performance after preconditioning.​

*Upside with 2:1 Compression Ratio​


Multiply Drive Endurance

2x Endurance is just the beginning​. With baseline data*, CSD achieves ~2x the endurance of ordinary “capacity” SSDs​.

There is upside with compressible data​

  • At 2:1 compression ratio, 5x endurance​
  • At 3:1 compression ratio, 9x endurance​

​*Baseline = 1.2:1 CR.  Encrypted data and 100% incompressible data will reduce performance & endurance​


Worldwide Distributor Availability

ScaleFlux Computational Storage Drives can be conveniently ordered from our Value Added Reseller or Distributor partners and are qualified on an ever-growing list of OEM systems. Contact us for more details.


Schedule a PoC. Test in your own environment at your convenience.