ScaleFlux SFX 3000 Storage Processor enables SSD, CSD, and CSP products to help scale your storage and compute infrastructure.
SFX 3000 Storage Processor​
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NSD 3000 NVMe SSDs
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CSD 3000 NVMe Computational Storage Drives​
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SFX 3000

ScaleFlux SFX 3000 Storage Processor​

The foundation of the 3000 Family

The SFX 3000 series of Storage Processors builds upon the core Flash management architecture and acceleration technologies that ScaleFlux developed in the CSS 1000 and CSD 2000 generations.

The SFX 3000 is comprised of 4 major functional blocks:​

  1. A 16-channel Flash Controller with transparent, hardware-based compression/decompression and encryption/decryption engines.  The compression function is tightly integrated with ScaleFlux’s Variable-Length Mapping (VLM) Flash Translation Layer (FTL).  The VLM FTL efficiently handles the variable-size blocks of data that result from compression… taking full advantage of the compression to improve performance and endurance for SSDs.  The Flash Controller can support up to 64TB of Physical NAND and up to 256TB of Data Storage through the Capacity Multiplier feature.​

  2. Hardware Compute Engines (HCE) to handle fixed-algorithm functions.  The primary targets for the HCEs are tasks that can bog down general-purpose CPUs and/or are performed across the majority of the data.  SFX 3000 includes HCEs for: Compression/Decompression, Encryption/Decryption, Hashing, and Pattern Matching.​

  3. Programable Cores for user-defined Computational Storage Functions.  SFX 3000 includes 2 Quad-core clusters of ARM Cores.  In the CSD use case, 1 cluster is available to users and 1 cluster is reserved for ScaleFlux firmware.  In the CSP use case, users have access to both clusters.​

  4. Configurable PCIe Interface for flexibility in deployment options.  The PCIe Gen 4 interface can scale from 1x1 to 1x8 for single-port deployments, support 2x2 dual-port SSDs, and split into 2x4 with a root complex on one of the x4 ports to attach a co-processor or FPGA for added compute resources.​









Worldwide Distributor Availability

ScaleFlux products can be conveniently ordered from our Value Added Reseller or Distributor partners and are qualified on an ever-growing list of OEM systems. Contact us for more details.


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