ScaleFlux CSD 2000 with transparent compression helps users achieve the benefits of data compression without the performance & latency penalties – “Penalty-free Compression”.
CSD 2000 Product Brief
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CSD 2000 Data Sheet
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CSD 2000 Case Study: Building A Highly Efficient Redis-on-Flash Cluster
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CSD 2000


Computational Storage Drive 2000 Series

The ScaleFlux® CSD 2000 Series sets a new standard for performance consistency across workloads (random read/write IOPs). Where other SSDs' performance rapidly drops off as even a small percentage of writes are introduced into the workload, the CSD 2000's data path compression/ decompression engines enable the drive both to store more GB of data per GB of Flash and to maintain high performance within a narrow band regardless of the read/write mix.

The CSD 2000 Series combines up to 8TB of the latest 3D NAND Flash technology with hardware-accelerated compute engines, achieving incredible data read/write speeds and consistently low latency to boost application performance.

 Quadruples Capacity

Utilizes hardware engines to transparently compress data on writes and decompress the data on reads, enabling customers to multiply the effective capacity of the Flash up to 4x.


 Doubles Performance

Testing by customers, industry leaders and ScaleFlux technologists shows that applications can achieve 2x or more performance with consistently low latency compared to the same systems using ordinary SSDs.


 Halves Flash Cost

Through multiplying the effective capacity of the Flash without penalizing performance, CSD 2000 users can slash the costs of their Flash infrastructure while meeting performance & latency goals



Direct Proof of Concept

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