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SFX 3000 Storage Processor

NSD 3000 NVMe SSDs

CSD 3000 NVMe
Computational Storage Drives

CSP 3000 NVMe
Computational Storage Processors

CSware software
Magnify the benefits of your ScaleFlux hardware


ScaleFlux 3000 Family of Products

With the 3000 Family, ScaleFlux brings new levels of performance, functionality, flexibility, and ease of use to Computational Storage and NVMe SSDs. 


The 3000 Family 


SFX 3000 Storage Processor – the foundation of the 3000 Family –combines a 16-channel Flash controller with hardware engines to handle fixed-algorithm functions as well as with programable cores to handle application-specific or user-defined tasks. *Read More *
CSD 3000 NVMe Computational Storage Drive – doubling the performance of the CSD 2000 while carrying forward the Capacity Multiplier feature and adding encryption and programable cores. *Read More*
NSD 3000 NVMe SSD – for those who aren’t sure how to deploy computational storage, but do need a better Enterprise / Data Center NVMe SSD – 2x the performance and endurance of ordinary “read intensive” or “1DWPD” SKUs. *Read More*
CSP 3000 Computational Storage Processor – for those who really want a fully customized solution or who need to decouple the acceleration functions from the drives. *Read More*
CSware Computational Storage Optimized Software – to help you get the absolute most benefit from your ScaleFlux CSDs, NSDs, and CSPs. . *Read More*


ScaleFlux 3000 Family Introduction
SFX 3000 Storage Processor
CSD 3000 NVMe Computational Storage Drive
CSP 3000 Computational Storage Processor
CSware Software

ScaleFlux 3000 Family At A Glance


  CSD 3000 NSD 3000 CSP 3000
Transparent Compression/Decompression      
High Performance      
Consistently Low Latency      
Endurance Multiplier      
TLC and QLC Options      
NVMe Drivers      
Capacity Multiplier      
Programable Cores      
HW Accelerator Engines      
Accelerates 3rd Party Drives      

Worldwide Distributor Availability

ScaleFlux Computational Storage Drives can be conveniently ordered from our Value Added Reseller or Distributor partners and are qualified on an ever-growing list of OEM systems. Contact us for more details.


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