ScaleFlux News

ScaleFlux News

How data storage demands will drive edge computing growth [Q&A]

Data growth is exploding. Data creation is expected to reach a staggering 180 zettabytes by the year 2025 -- that's 118.8 zettabytes more than in 2020. As the volume of data we produce increases exponentially so do the demands on data storage.

Storage Industry Predictions 2022

Dr. Hao Zhong, ScaleFlux co-founder and CEO's predictions on computational storage have been included in Storage Newsletter.

Supermicro and ScaleFlux Collaborate on Server Storage Solutions

A detailed piece in Hosting Journalist about our partnership with SuperMicro on FatTwin, a high-density 4U multi-node system -- delivers a fully integrated high performance, cost-effective platform that is uniquely suited to Redis on Flash (RoF) deployments.

ScaleFlux SFX 3000 Storage Suite Announced

ScaleFlux 3000 series received media coverage from StorageReview: Harold Fritts introduces you to the world of computational storage by showing the wonderful four products of the ScaleFlux 3000 family.