ScaleFlux CEO Hao Zhong to Present at Open-Source Database Forum in Beijing ScaleFlux CEO 钟浩在北京开源数据库论坛上发表演讲
August 11th, 2017 2017年8月11日

SAN JOSE, California -– ScaleFlux, Inc. CEO & Co-Founder Hao Zhong will attend Open-Source Database Forum 2017 in Beijing, China as an invited speaker. Dr. Zhong will present on Friday, August 25th on the advantages offered by computational storage and the CSS product ecosystem.

The official conference description for Hao's talk is as follows:

Subject:Computational Storage System (CSS)'s speed and efficiency gains in SQl/NoSQL databases

Topic Introduction:Modern enterprise and cloud computing data centers face significant storage and computational load as a result of unprecendented growth in data sources. The three major pillars of data center infrastruture: network, storage, and computing, have evolved dramatically in the past decade. Gains in CPU frequency and multi-core development have been gradually flat, leading to data calculation and processing becoming more and more of a bottleneck. The integration of the high performance compute engines and high density flash memory of CSS will greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of heavy load calculation.

Speaker Introduction:Hao Zhong is a veteran leader of the storage industry, driving innovation with his wealth of R&D experience in such fields as hard disk r/w chips, SSD controllers, and PCIe SSD subsystems. An Electrical Engineering PhD from Rensselaer Institute of Technology, Dr. Zhong has previously served as senior technical director of Fusion-IO, technical director at SandForce, and system architect at LSI. In 2014, Dr. Zhong led a team to create ScaleFlux, Inc., a company focused on enhancing the performance of data center storage and computing, especially for database and large data applications.

About ODF 2017

The Open-Source Database Forum invites China's leading experts in large enterprise technology to share their experience and latest developments in the open source database ecosphere. ODF 2017 will be held in Beijing, China, on August 24th and 25th.

圣荷西, 加州 -– ScaleFlux, Inc. 创始人 & CEO 钟浩将作为受邀演讲者参加在中国北京举办的 Open-Source Database Forum 2017。钟博士将于8月25日(星期五)介绍CSS产品的优势。



主题介绍:当今企业和云计算数据中心正面临着迅猛数据量增长和随之带来数据存储和计算负荷的重大挑战。 在过去的10年里,数据中心基础设施的三大部分:网络,存储,和计算发生了巨大变化。 在网络和存储性能实现了暴增的同时,计算方面的CPU 主频一直停滞不前,而多核的发展也渐近平缓。这使得数据计算和处理逐渐成为瓶颈,从而限制的服务器和存储的进一步提升。 融合了高性能计算引擎和高密度闪存的CSS , 大幅提升重负荷计算的效率。

ß嘉宾介绍:美国Rensselaer理工学院电子工程系博士;曾任美国Fusion-IO公司高级技术总监,SandForce公司技术总监和LSI公司系统架构师。拥有丰富的数据存储产品架构,创新和研发的实战经验,多次引领存储行业在硬盘读写芯片,SSD控制器及PCIe SSD子系统的技术革新 。2014年钟浩博士率领团队创建ScaleFlux公司,致力于提升数据中心存储和计算的性能与效率的提升,尤其是对数据库和大数据的应用进行了大幅度的优化。

关于 ODF 2017


WOQU Integrates ScaleFlux into QBackup Cloud Appliance 沃趣科技QBackup容灾备份云平台中FPGA技术的应用
Computational Storage Dramatically Reduces Storage Backup Times Extending the Value of Robust Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution
August 8th, 2017 2017年8月8日

HANGZHOU, China -– WOQU Technology Co., Ltd, a company dedicated to providing integrated database system solutions with high performance, high availability, and great scalability for both domestic and foreign large enterprises, has announced the integration of Computational Storage Subsystem (CSS) products into their QBackup Cloud Appliance provided by ScaleFlux, Inc., the pioneer in providing Computational Storage solutions at scale.

The QBackup Cloud Appliance is a historical data recovery and scalable database backup cloud machine. The solution supports zero data loss with high backup throughput with the integration of 10GbE and 56Gb InfiniBand in addition to flash and HDD storage media.

ScaleFlux’s CSS combines heavy-duty compute engines directly with Terabytes of 3D NAND flash storage, and simply integrates into server and storage infrastructure through standard PCIe HHHL Add-In Card and 2.5” U.2 drive level form factors.

“With our focus on making high-performance databases more reliable, minimizing backup latency with our QBackup Cloud Appliance is critical to our portfolio and corporate value proposition,” said Li Jianhui, CTO for WOQU Tech. “ScaleFlux CSS accelerates storage throughput by 13X on workloads that are compute bound due to data compression. Our customers can now optimize their database storage utilization footprint without sacrificing any throughput penalties which is a very valuable feature.”

“We see that the path to efficient server and storage infrastructure scaling in data-driven environments is address both storage I/O and compute bottlenecks simultaneously,” said Hao Zhong, CEO and co-founder for ScaleFlux, Inc. “We are thrilled to work closely with WOQU Tech on their QBackup Cloud Appliance, and deliver a user experience enhancement by substantially reducing the backup time of high-performance, robust databases, while also reducing the storage capacity footprint.”

ScaleFlux CSS features Xilinx field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and enables acceleration for compression, erasure coding, KV store, in addition to encryption, authentication, and common compute intensive algorithms. In addition, future platforms, and application level acceleration algorithms such as database queries, machine learning, AI, media transcoding, search, and many more can be dropped into the same infrastructure.

More information about WOQU Tech’s QBackup Cloud Appliance featuring ScaleFlux CSS can be found here.

About Woqu Technology Co., Ltd. (

Woqu Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2012, is a company that provides integrated database system solutions with high performance, high availability and great scalability for both domestic and foreign large enterprises. Founded by some core DB Administrators and System Administrators of IT operation team of Alibaba Group, Woqu Tech is dedicated to provide professional DB and system services and products for industry customers. The headquarters and R&D center of Woqu Tech is located in Hangzhou, but has already established branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Lanzhou and Shenyang, responsible for sales and service matters all over China.


ScaleFlux的CSS产品将重型计算引擎直接与TB 容量的3D NAND Flash存储结合, 通过标准的PCIe HHHL插件卡和2.5“ U.2形态集成到服务器和存储基础架构中。该产品后续将应用于沃趣科技数据库云产品一体化解决方案中,在数据库业务中发挥积极的作用。


沃趣科技一直致力于提供集成的全方位数据库系统解决方案给国内外大型企业,其数据库产品具有高性能、高可用性以及良好的可扩展性。2017年8月8日,沃趣科技宣布将ScaleFlux 公司的计算存储子系统(CSS)的产品集成到他们的QBackup容灾备份云平台,结合其FPGA技术,致力于将用户数据库存储空间实现利用率最大化。

QBackup容灾备份云平台是一套可持续备份,历史数据秒级恢复,可扩展的数据库备份云解决方案。该解决方案支持零数据丢失和高备份吞吐带宽,支持千兆/万兆以太网及56Gb Infniband,实现高速网络互联。 存储架构实现SSD与机械硬盘配合,保证容量的同时,也保持较好的性能。

ScaleFlux的CSS产品将重型计算引擎直接与TB 容量的3D NAND Flash存储结合, 通过标准的PCIe HHHL插件卡和2.5“ U.2形态集成到服务器和存储基础架构中。


“我们看到,高效能的服务器和存储基础架构的扩展, 在数据驱动的环境下,需要同时解决存储I/O和计算瓶颈。”ScaleFlux 公司的首席执行官和联合创始人钟浩说:“我们很高兴和沃趣科技紧密合作,提升QBackup容灾备份云平台的价值,大幅度降低用户数据库方案的备份时间,并且在提升用户体验的同时也降低存储容量。”

ScaleFlux CSS采用赛灵思现场可编程门阵列(FPGA),除了加密,认证和常用的计算密集型算法之外,还能够进行压缩,纠删,KV存储加速。此外,未来的平台和应用程序级加速算法,如数据库查询,机器学习,人工智能,媒体转码,搜索等等,都可以在同一基础设施中实现。







ScaleFlux Showcase at Flash Memory Summit 2017 锐开在 FMS 2017
August 7th, 2017 2017年8月7日
sourced from PRNewswire 来自 PRNewswire

SANTA CLARA, California -- ScaleFlux will be in attendance at Flash Memory Summit 2017 to showcase its product at Xilinx, booth #126, August 8-10, 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California.

ScaleFlux Computational Storage Subsystem (CSS) uniquely solves both compute and storage I/O bottlenecks. CSS compression accelerates throughput by an order-of-magnitude without the costly CPU overhead incurred by software solutions, resulting in optimal storage capacity utilization without performance compromises.

UCloud Selects ScaleFlux for Data-Driven Cloud Infrastructure UCloud选择ScaleFlux技术构建数据驱动的云基础架构
August 7th, 2017 2017年8月7日

SAN JOSE, California -- ScaleFlux, Inc., the pioneer in deploying Computational Storage at scale, announced that UCloud, China's leading independent public cloud provider, has selected ScaleFlux to power its advanced UPHost (UCloud Physical Host) infrastructure for Big Data, Database, Data Warehousing, and a fast-growing list of data-driven applications.

ScaleFlux provides industry’s first, production-qualified Computational Storage Subsystem (CSS) solutions that uniquely integrate algorithmically complex compute engines with Terabytes of 3D NAND flash storage. CSS simply integrates into standard server and storage infrastructure through an easy-to-install Linux plug-in software package combined with standard PCIe HHHL Add-In Card and 2.5” U.2 drive level form factors.

“UPHost offers outstanding computing performance to meet the core application scenarios for high performance and stability, and is built to run applications at any scale for our customers,” said Xianfeng Mo, CTO and Founder of UCloud. “With the integration of ScaleFlux CSS into UPHost, we are further extending UCloud’s value proposition by dramatically reducing the time to complete Big Data and Database jobs, while also optimizing flash storage capacity utilization.”

Large pools of Computational Storage will eliminate the scaling roadblocks faced by data-driven infrastructure where:

  1. traditional CPUs are highly inefficient when tasked to process modern, intense workloads
  2. the latency and power to move massive datasets from storage to the CPU is too expensive
  3. compute-intensive workloads can be sped up by orders-of-magnitude when parallelized across flash storage subsystems

These scaling challenges are commonly faced with applications in the field of Big Data, Database, Data Warehousing, Content Delivery, Search, Machine Learning, AI, VR, Genomics, Security, High-Performance Computing, and many others.

“By taking an evolutionary and simple approach to integrating CSS into application frameworks, we are delighted to provide our revolutionary Computational Storage solutions for UCloud’s UPHost infrastructure that will open new revenue generating use-cases for data-driven applications at scale with fast time-to-market,” said Hao Zhong, CEO and co-founder for ScaleFlux, Inc. “One of the primary values of CSS is the ability to reprogram new hardware acceleration engines in-system, which can evolve the infrastructure in lock step with new customer demands.”

ScaleFlux CSS features field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and enables acceleration for compression, erasure coding, and KV store, in addition to encryption, authentication, and common compute intensive algorithms. Future application level acceleration algorithms such as database queries, machine learning, AI, media transcoding, search, and many more, can be dropped into the same hardware infrastructure. By taking a programmable hardware approach, ScaleFlux has set CSS apart from commodity SSDs through the addition of proven, application level, value-added features while facilitating mass deployment of state-of-the-art 3D NAND Flash media.

ScaleFlux CSS is available for customer deployment today.

About UCloud (

UCloud (Shanghai UCloud Cloud Computing Co., Ltd.) is a leading IaaS service provider in China. UCloud's own R&D solutions range from computing and storage to network resources and other fundamental IT infrastructure that enterprises need. UCloud has provided services to 50,000 enterprise customers worldwide.

日前,UCloud宣布将与ScaleFlux公司合作,将ScaleFlux提供的计算存储子系统(CSS)产品整合到UCloud基础设施中。CSS将重型计算引擎直接与3D NAND闪存存储结合,通过标准PCIe HHHL插件卡和2.5 U.2形态集成到服务器与存储基础架构中。该产品后续将应用于UCloud服务器产品,在混合云、大数据、内存存储、数据库等业务上发挥作用。

众所周知,SSD的吞吐量是机械硬盘的10-20 倍,随机读写性能更是可高达机械硬盘的数千倍,这对数据中心和云基础设施产生了深远影响。随着闪存成为工作负载应用程序的主流存储介质,加上引入性价比更高的3D NAND介质,存储性能增大只会加剧内存I/O和容量受限的问题。而可计算存储 (Computational Storage Subsystem)的部署标志着IT基础架构解决方案中的根本变化,该技术可以解决计算和存储I/O双密集应用的巨浪冲击。

UCloud CTO莫显峰表示: "Uloud提供高效的云基础设施,为客户各类应用程序提供服务。将ScaleFlux CSS整合到UCloud基础设施平台中,不仅有利于提升闪存存储空间利用率,而且在特定业务场景下可以利用CSS本身的计算性能节省CPU资源。”



ScaleFlux CSS采用赛灵思现场可编程门阵列(FPGA),除了加密、认证和常用的计算密集型算法之外,还能够进行压缩、纠删、KV存储加速。此外,未来的平台和应用程序级加速算法,如数据库查询、机器学习、人工智能、媒体转码、搜索等,都可以在同一基础设施中实现。